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Over three decades of doing business in Oregon, has taught us the importance of providing our customers with the best product, and experience possible. This commitment has forged many lasting relationships with customers throughout the region who consider us their general contractor of choice. We regard our customers as an integral part of our team, as we consider their needs, budgets, and expectations for each project.

Integrity is the cornerstone of KHC inc. and our long term customers are the proof. Responsible business practices and honest customer relations are evident from the beginning of our projects to completion. Our customers have a huge investment in their project and we strive to create value for them through innovative solutions and excellence in our craftsmanship.

Our neighbors here in the northwest are important stakeholders that we value. We recycle and reuse much of our refuse, working to keep our region a beautiful and safe place to live and work for future generations.

An uncompromising commitment to safety is at the heart of KHC inc. Our staff are a valuable resource whose safety is always priority. A comprehensive safety program is in place to ensure that our jobsite's are safe and productive. Every member of our team is encouraged to proactively look for safety concerns and empowered to resolve safety issues that arise.

Ken Hostetler, President